Seekerz Non-Disclosure Agreement

Seekerz is developing a new, competitive and exciting game.
Because of the fluid nature of the game, we do not wish to infringe on the
copyrights of other games, nor do we wish other game developers to unfairly 
use our ideas to benefit their own games.
As a result, those wishing to be involved in the project need to certify that 
all rights to ideas they contribute during Beta Testing are their own original
ideas and will become property of Seekerz and additionally they will need to 
sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Seekerz before being allowed to 
participate in the construction of the game.
Admittance into the project will be on a case by case basis, but can be 
greatly enhanced if you have a group of people or Family Organization that
are all interested in becoming involved at the same time.
Beta Testers will not be charged fees for tournaments they are involved in
and will be allowed to participate without charge after the Beta Test is 

If you are interested in contributing to the construction of the game please
print this page on your printer, fill in the requested infomation, sign it and 
mail it to:

	Dale Lee
	Dept. 5000
	446 W. Mendoza Cir.
	Mesa, AZ 85210

I ____________________________(your name), 
_____________________________(e-mail address),
_____________________________(phone number), am interested in contributing to the 
development of a Family History Game by Seekerz.
This Agreement entered into this _________________ (date) by and between 
Seekerz whose principal place of business is located at  
446 W. Mendoza Cir., Mesa, AZ 85210 
and ____________________________________(your signature) 
whose address is ___________________________________________________, 
sets forth the terms and conditions of this Agreement
and any Addendums hereto.
The parties hereto agree and understand that in the course of a professional 
relationship that each party may become exposed to certain proprietary information. 
Both parties agree not to disclose or make public any such information which 
relates to, but is not limited to said party's research, development, trade secrets, 
financial information, employees, business associates, or business affairs.
Such information does not include any information known to such other party 
prior to execution of this agreement, information known or able to be 
ascertained by a non-party of ordinary skill in the industry, or information of 
public knowledge.
I also agree that my suggestions, contributions and game results will become 
property of Seekerz without compensation except for prize money and may be 
used to improve and enhance Seekerz and the game.